Introducing the Book

Designed with you in mind.

Are you confused or frustrated by the wide variety of YouTube videos that show people demonstrating individual signs of American Sign Language (ASL)?

Do these folks actually equip you to converse with Deaf people? 

Do you want to sign with people who are Deaf but have no time or desire for long-term study of American Sign Language (ASL)? 

Good news! Sign Language Made Simple was designed by a professor for people like you.  Using the principles that produce effective learning, he presents about twenty new signs in one short chapter each week, enabling you to memorize over 1,500 basic ASL signs in less than a year and to use them to easilychat with Deaf individuals.

Do you wonder how this can be? It's because the program is user-friendly. 

This book makes learning to sign relatively simple by omitting ASL syntax and presenting basic ASL signs in English sentences. This allows you to easily memorize the signs, to use them in your own sentences, and to converse and make contact with a Deaf person almost from the first lesson. That is why this mode is often called, "Contact Signing.”

First published in 1975 and revised in 1999, Sign Language Made Simple has endured the test of time. After almost forty years on the market, it offers a tried and true method of learning to sign and remains a popular choice today. 

ISBN 0-88243-500-0


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